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The 3-phase motor is a type of electric motor that operates on three alternating currents to generate mechanical energy. It is commonly used in industrial applications due to its efficiency, reliability, and ability to provide consistent power output. Unlike single-phase motors, which rely on a single alternating current, 3-phase motors utilize three separate currents that are out of phase with each other by 120 degrees. This configuration results in smoother operation, reduced vibration, and higher torque, making 3-phase motors ideal for powering heavy machinery, pumps, compressors, and other industrial equipment. The motor offered by reliable 3 phase motor manufacturers in India, Anubhuti Power System, provides reliable and efficient power solutions for a wide range of applications.

All Motors As Per IS:325 For Electrical IS-1231 For Mechanical Dimension.Flange Mounting are Motor IS-2223 For Flange Mounting Dimension. Face Mounting ARO Motor IS- Per 325 & 2223.

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The construction of a 3-phase motor typically includes three sets of coils, known as phases, wound around a central rotor. Each phase is connected to a separate power source, creating a rotating magnetic field within the motor. As the magnetic field interacts with the rotor, it induces an electromagnetic force, causing the rotor to rotate and generate mechanical motion. The balanced distribution of power across the three phases ensures efficient operation and minimizes power fluctuations, making 3-phase motors suitable for applications where precise control and consistent performance are essential. Additionally, being a leading manufacturer and supplier, we supply 3-phase motors in various configurations, offering versatility to meet diverse industrial needs.
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Features of a 3-phase motor

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Applications of a 3-phase motor

Industrial machinery
HVAC systems
Water pumps
Electric vehicles
Dairy Products Machinery

Technical Details

0.10 H.P. to 20 H.P. (0.075 K.W. to 15 K.W.) Frame 63 to 160L in 2, 4, 6, & 8 Pole
Foot – Flange – Face
Motor are supplied in a robust, rugged cast iron & aluminum frame with integral feet
All Standard Three-phase Motors are continuous rated to comply with performance standards.
Voltage and Frequency
Supply volts 415 +- 5% 3 phase 50 Hz. +- 3%
Motor IP-44 Protection as defined in IS: 4691. Motors can be supplied with IP-54 and IP-55.

Product Details

10-100 Kw
Mounting Type
Number Of Poles
2, 4, 6, 8
7500-3000 RPM
Ambient Temperature
55 deg c