Cooling Tower Fan Motor

Top-Tier Cooling Solution: Cooling Tower Fan Motor

The cooling tower fan motor has a powerful and energy-efficient design. It is equipped with advanced thermal management technology, and it effectively dissipates heat generated during operation, prolonging the motor's lifespan and reducing maintenance costs. Its high torque output ensures swift and responsive performance, delivering ample airflow to maintain optimal operating temperatures. Moreover, this motor is engineered to minimize energy consumption without compromising performance, offering significant savings in operational expenses over its lifetime. Whether it's enhancing the efficiency of HVAC systems or maintaining ideal operating conditions in industrial processes, our motor is the trusted choice for businesses seeking top-tier cooling solutions. This is the reason, we are a trusted brand among the leading cooling tower fan motor manufacturers in India, providing a high-quality range of motors.

All Motors As Per IS:325 For Electrical IS-1231 For Mechanical Dimension.Flange Mounting are Motor IS-2223 For Flange Mounting Dimension. Face Mounting ARO Motor IS- Per 325 & 2223.

Offering The Best Quality Cooling Tower Fan Motor

Anubhuti Power System is one of the most well-known names in most reliable cooling tower fan motor suppliers in India. We provide optimal motor execution for your application, ensuring maximum lifetime. Cooling tower motors face extreme temperatures. They have to work in a humid and hot atmosphere. That is why, we have engineered this motor with precision and designed it for optimal performance. Moreover, this motor sets the standard for efficiency and reliability in industrial cooling systems. It has a robust construction capable of withstanding the rigors of continuous operation in the most demanding environments. From cooling towers in power plants to industrial facilities, it ensures consistent airflow for efficient heat dissipation, safeguarding critical equipment and processes against overheating.
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Features of Cooling Tower Fan Motor

These are the fundamental characteristics of this product that contribute to its sustainability and longevity. We provide you with the very best!
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Applications of Cooling Tower Fan Motor

Power plants
Industrial facilities
HVAC systems

Technical Details

Mounting V1 shaft downward position Flange B-5 as per IS 2223.
These motors are especially designed for cooling tower Fans for continues running in humidity area.
Motor performance conforms to IS: 325.
Our cooling tower motor range 0.25 to 10 hp. Frame 71 to 160L.
Mounting V1 shaft downward position Flange B-5 as per IS 2223.
Duty & Insulation
Insulation class “F” with constant duty (s1) Cooling tower motor design for Working S1Duty. For continues working.
Shaft and Bearing
Our cooling tower Motor relative humidity up to 90%.
Cooling tower Motor Shaft
Cooling tower Motor Shaft is Mead by stainless steel material AISI-410. Nut and washer are made for stainless steel AISI-202.

Product Details

0.75 -7.5 Kw
1-10 Hp
1440, 960, 720 rpm
I Class
Cooling Tower
IP 55