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Gear Box
A Gear Box is a contained gear train, or a mechanical unit or component consisting of a series of integrated gears within housing. It is a mechanical device used for torque increase/decrease via speed reduction/increase.
Brake Motors
There are Brake Motors offered by us that are used for various applications where instantenous stopping of the driven load is required. The operation of the brake is that the brake gets engaged when the electrical power to the motor is shut down or the power fails.
Burner Motor
A Burner Motor has two windings, oriented 90° to each other. The windings are designed so that the current in one lags the current in the other. It is made for use in the various industries and commercial applications. 
Cheese Winder Motor
The Cheese Winder Motor is specially designed for higher efficiency and is controlled by a 3 phase frequency inverter. The inverter ensures constant winding tension in the wound package at all stages of operation.
Cooling Tower Motor
A Cooling Tower Motor is intended for direct drives of axial-flow fans for cooling towers without gears, for the environment with the ambient temperature up to +40°C. It is highly efficient and made for long term use.
Custom Made Special Motor
The Custom Made Special Motor is made available by us for use in the various commercial applications. The custom motors serve as highly reliable solutions. Electric motors are available in several different styles and types and are therefore used across a wide range of applications.
Crane Duty Motor
A Crane Duty Motor specially designed to offer satisfactory performance and long lives for service on the cranes and hoists. These motors may also be used for similar applications such as material handling.
Face Mounted Motor
The supplied Face Mounted Motor is in which a face mount, the motor attaches to the surrounding components, but without the use of a standard mount. Face mounts are often used when a different mount is not available.
Gear Motor
We are supplying here the Gear Motor that is a combination of a gear system or gearbox and an electric motor. It is a device which allows low- horsepower motors to drive a great deal of force on an object with low speed.
High Slip Motor
The offered High Slip Motor allows the torque to increase torque per amps even as the motor moves from fixed speed to the locked rotor state. They are often used to power hoists and cycling loads, such as oil well pump jacks and low-speed punch presses.
Special Purpose Electric Motor

Special Purpose Electric Motor is a type of electric motor designed for specific applications that require unique features or capabilities.  They are engineered to meet strict performance and safety standards and are commonly used in industries such as oil and gas, mining, and marine.


Textile Motor
Textile motor is attributed with high accelerating torque, and high braking torque. It isrequired from machines and equipment in order to provide a smooth textile production process. Textile motor consume less energy and requires low maintenance. 

Torque Motor
Torque motor would normally be employed, such as in motion control systems or servomechanisms. It can be used as actuators for direct-drive mechanisms. Torque motor is efficient in converting electric power into mechanical one. Our offering is highly reliable, durable and versatile. 

Vaibro Motor

Our Vibrating Motor is a high-quality electric motor designed for use in vibrating equipment, such as feeders, screens, and conveyors.  It offers high efficiency, low noise, and long lifespan, making it ideal for industrial applications that require reliable and precise vibration control.

Helical Gear Motor

Our helical gear motor features helical gears for power transmission. It offers smooth and efficient operation, with high torque output and low noise levels. It is commonly used in industrial applications that require high-speed and precise power transmission, such as conveyors, mixers, and agitators.



Our Stepper Motors are the ideal choice for applications that require precise positioning, accuracy, and control. They offer high torque output, low power consumption, and low noise levels. They are easy to integrate into a wide range of systems and offer reliable and long-lasting performance.


Our FHP  Gear Motors are compact and efficient electric motors with built-in gearboxes. They offer high torque output and low speed operation. They are easy to install and maintain, making them an ideal choice for small power transmission systems in various industrial and commercial applications.